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 Welcome to the Parks and Rec Music and Animation Classes!  Here you will find a short description of what was covered in each class.   Come here to see what you should be practicing!

Mr. Jamie often asks "Are there any answers?"  The answer to give when he asks that is "Forty Two" (it is from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." It is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything - An alien race built a giant super computer to figure out what the meaning of life is.  After millions of years of computing it came up with the answer "42.").

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November 29th, 2022
December is just around the corner.  My, how time does fly!  We are nearing the end of our class sessions.   Here you will find information on what was covered in class and a few extra bonus items.

-- Piano Adventures & Piano Adventures Jr.

-- PIANO ADVENTURES (9am): 11/12/22 - Students learned the note G (both Left Hand and Right Hand) and should practice up to "Jingle Bells"

-- PIANO ADVENTURES JUNIOR 10am): 11/12/22
    - 10am class: Students learned the note "E" which is the white key to the right of D and played "The Elephant" as well as "C,C,D,E" and E,E,D,C"
     -12pm class:  Student learned "Hot Cross Buns"

-- 3D Computer Animation


-- Animation: Snowmen: 11/30/22 - Students completed their Snowman animation.  Class has ended.  Sign up for Computer Animation: Taking It to the Next Level in January.

***BONUS!  3d Jack O Lantern (Pumpkin) (download & open in Anim8or)***

-- Digital Drumming

MIDTOWN COMM. C.:  11/29/22 - Students played a rock beat for their parents.  Class had ended.  Sign up for "Piano, Guitar, or Ukulele Part 2" (drum is included as well) in January.  Click here for videos.

-- Adventures in Guitar / Ukulele

-- GUITAR / UKULELE ADVENTURES:  -  11/12/22 - Students learned the C Chord and the Em Chord (in the back of the book) and reviewed the G chord.  Students also learned the note A (5th Fret) and the song "Mary Had a Little Lamb" as well as the "I Have to Practice Blues" (after lesson 4 in the book).

     -- BONUS: "The Melting Snowman" (music for Guitar or Ukulele -- pdf) (guitar)

 -- BONUS: Guitar & Uke Mazes and comics (click to download pdf)

  -- Color by number while practicing note reading.  
    0) Print out the sheets (click the text "FUN ACTIVITY SHEET"
     1) Figure out letter names of notes (students should see their Piano Books for help in figuring out letter names)
     2) Next to Each blank to fill in there is a number.  For instance if it was ___2 and the note was a D it would then say D2. 
    3) Above each note is a number.
    4) Find a match between the letter + number and the number above in the Color Chart to find which color that number is (example: D2 has the number 2 above it.  In the chart D2 = yellow; so color number 2 yellow in the picture).