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Group Classes with the
Newport News Parks & Rec

Group classes are offered through the Newport News Parks and Recreation Instructional Programs.  Classes are held at The Denbigh Community Center and The Brittingham - Midtown Community Center.

How to Register

Available classes are listed below. You can sign up by calling any Newport News Community Center or click the class name and it will take you to the Newport News Parks and Rec Online Class Catalog where you can register (note: there is a fee for online registration).


*** Click the Name of the Class for More Information ***

Tuesdays at Denbigh Community Center

July 6th to August 24th

-- 7 to 7:45pm: Piano for Adults (ages 13 & up)

Wednesdays at Denbigh Community Center

July 7th to August 25th

-- 6 to 6:45pm: Guitar or Ukulele Adventures (ages 7 & up)

-- 7 to 7:45pm: Piano, Guitar, or Ukulele: Part 2 (ages 6 & up)

Thursdays at Midtown Community Center

July 8th to August 26th

-- 4 to 4:45pm: Piano Adventures Junior (ages 4 to 6)

-- 5 to 5:45pm: 3D Computer Animation: Castles (ages 7 & up)

-- 6 to 6:45pm: 3D Computer Animation: Part 2 (ages 7 & up)

Saturdays at Denbigh Community Center

July 10th to August 28th

-- 9 to 9:45am: Piano Adventures Junior (ages 4 to 6)

-- 10 to 10:45am: Piano Adventures (ages 7 & up)

-- 11 to 11:45am: 3D Computer Animation: Robots



Most classes are $55 for 8 weeks (45 minutes once a week = $6.88 per class!)  Payments are made to the City of Newport News through the Parks and Recreation.

-- Private Lessons

 Individual one on one lessons for Piano, Ukulele, Clarinet, Single Finger Keyboard and 3D Computer Animation are available from Jamie K. Auberg.  Visit the Lesson's Page for more info.